Get A Lifetime of Professional Mediterranean Nutrition Guidance at just $19.99

Healthy Mediterranean Food

Get A Lifetime of Professional Mediterranean Nutrition Guidance at just $19.99

The Mediterranean diet is now rated as the world’s best diet. The U.S. News & World Report has, for the second consecutive year, ranked the Mediterranean Diet as the No. 1 Best Diet Overall. With a little guidance, this plant-based, heart-healthy and totally delicious way of eating can easily be incorporated into your lifestyle.  Try this wholesome plan to put you on the path to better health and longevity.

Subscribing to Dr. Janet’s portal gives you access to an abundance of exciting recipes, structured weekly meal plans, science-backed curated articles on Mediterranean lifestyle recommendations, foods to eat and foods to avoid including substitutes and alternatives for people allergic to certain ingredients and much, much more.

Everything you need to know about the Mediterranean Lifestyle under one roof

Dr. Janet, RDN, FAND, LDN, holds master’s degrees in both nutrition and exercise physiology, as well as a Ph.D. in the latter. She is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist and certified by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the American College of Sports Medicine, the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and Wellcoaches Inc. She has appeared on numerous TV shows and other media and is recognized universally as an expert on the Mediterranean Diet. She has also been a long-time advocate of sensible changes in lifestyle to counter high cholesterol and heart disease.

Mediterranean Diet Plan
Physical activities are a crucial part of the Mediterranean lifestyle

Just like a Personal Dietitian or Trainer

Avoid the high costs of hiring a nutritionist or a personal trainer with Dr. Brill’s simple Mediterranean dietary guideline. You can also read her published papers where she translates the complicated science into understandable concepts that are the basis for the Mediterranean Diet. She also provides easy-to-read advice on cutting-edge nutrition information for weight loss, reducing bad cholesterol, preventing high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes, and increasing your lifespan. You can also browse through topics that uniquely address other timely nutrition-related topics.

Preventing Heart attacks through Mediterranean diet
Mediterranean Diet helps greatly with preventing heart attacks and strokes

Lower your risk of Heart Disease, High Cholesterol & Diabetes Naturally

In Dr. Janet’s plan, food and behavioural strategies are strategically combined into a Mediterranean way of life. It is well known that the Mediterranean lifestyle is conducive to disease prevention and increased longevity. The myriad benefits include a lower risk of diabetes, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, dementia, memory loss, depression, bladder, colon and breast cancers, obesity and even poor sleep. You too can partake of these benefits and master the secrets of a longer, healthier and more vibrant life with Dr. Janet’s affordable and fully supportive online subscription program.

    Mediterranean Nutritionist
    Dr. Janet

  • Get evidence-based, time-tested Mediterranean Nutrition to help you enjoy healthy living.
  • 60+ easy-to-make, nutritionist-tested Mediterranean Diet recipes
  • Getting Started tips
  • Daily Diet Checklist
  • Food Tables
  • Olive Oil: Tips for choosing authentic extra virgin
  • Two-week Meal Plan
  • Articles
  • And More…

Get Lifetime Access for Just $19.99

Here is how you can obtain a subscription to Dr. Janet’s life changing Mediterranean regimen and get the best out of the Mediterranean diet with a fully personalized nutrition plan:

  1. Go to the URL,
  2. Get a FREE 3-day meal plan with recipes to match by simply registering your email ID
  3. Check the box that says ‘I agree to the Terms and Conditions’ for the Lifetime package of $19.99
  4. You can either login with your Facebook or Google details or fill in your name, email and password
  5. Click on the PayPal link to complete your payment
  6. Once the payment has been confirmed you can login and access all areas immediately

Let Dr. Janet help you take the first step toward controlling your health and wellness. Get a Mediterranean Nutritionist subscription today!

Best Mediterranean Diet Recipe
What Eating Oatmeal & Other Whole Grains Can Do for You
Mediterranean Nutritionist
Hire Your Own Personal Nutritionist to Keep your Heart Healthy, Lower Stress & Cholesterol, at just $85


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