Mediterranean Diet Decreases Risk of Bladder Cancer

Mediterranean Diet Plan to Cure Cancer

Mediterranean Diet Decreases Risk of Bladder Cancer

Hot off the scientific presses is evidence for the latest benefit of following the Mediterranean Diet. The new research study is called the Bladder Cancer Epidemiology and Nutritional Determinants (BLEND) study. Researchers looked at dietary data from more than 600,000 participants, and categorized them into three groups: low-, medium- and high-adherence to the Mediterranean Diet. Of these individuals, 2,425 were diagnosed with bladder cancer. Those people who were in the diet’s medium- and high-Mediterranean Diet adherence groups had a significantly lower incidence of bladder cancer compared to those in the low-adherence group. What exactly was the component of the Mediterranean Diet that reduced risk of bladder cancer? The researchers were not able to isolate any subgroup of foods (i.e. fats, vegetables, nuts, wine) from the Mediterranean diet that was shown to provide greater protection over any of the other foods, suggesting that it is the overall effect of the combined factors of the Mediterranean dietary pattern that is most protective. The study was published in the European Journal of Nutrition.

Cancer is accelerated by a pro-inflammatory state. It makes sense that an anti-inflammatory diet, such as the Mediterranean Diet, would help decrease the risk of developing cancer. The Mediterranean Diet is also rich in plant antioxidants-chemicals known to quench free radicals-dangerous molecules that promote cell mutation and cancer development.

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